UEX presents LiME in the young linguists' meeting held in Cáceres

The research group GexCALL (University of Extremadura) presented the main outcomes of the LiMe project in the young linguists´meeting held in Cáceres (Spain) on the 11th & 12th of December 2014.

http://jornadasiniciacioninvestigacionlinguistica.wordpress.com/. Leaflets and stands with computers were also available for those interested in trialing the LiMe Moodle platform.

Another event was developed on the 10th of December to inform immigrant population, especially Erasmus students, about the LiMe project and the LiMe Moodle Platform. The students navigated and tested the Moodle platform with the support of a teacher trainer. Most of the students were interested in having access to the platform for improving their language level & cultural knowledge and understanding. The overall experience was pretty positive and      fruitful for them. They were invited to attend the final conference.